Entry #1


2010-02-09 04:22:13 by Lomps

Because Newgrounds doesn't want my drawing pollutng it..buuuuuu ;n;



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2010-02-09 08:36:49

We try to provide an environment where good little wild arts can roam freely with no fences or poachers.
We want to put there tender minds at rest so they have no need to worry about drinking contaminated water, plastic in there ground, just good wholesome nature as Steve Irwin had intended, god bless his soul.
If you would like to help keep our wild little arts land both clean and pure, please make a donation to the "Free Arts Relaxing Timidly" or "F.A.R.T." please call 555-555-5551 and have a wonderful day...
and god bless......

Lomps responds:

Oh, man.
Reading his made my day.
I love you.