The closest I can get to a Flash Program

2010-05-09 06:49:54 by Lomps

Due to my laptops, um,
Incompetence... I cannot use any of the animation programs I download =/
So I use Sketchpan and here's the best I got.

Assuming the embed works =O
Sketchpan Flash


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2010-05-09 06:50:23

Yeah, nope =/
Oh well.


2010-05-24 15:39:39

Hmm, have you tried Koolmoves? I'm using it myself and it might be a little more lightwieght in requirements than the latest Adobe Flash, KM is a flash program basicly, just third party made.

google Koolmoves and you should get the site with it's free demo.

Lomps responds:

Thanks for the suggstion lol
But my computer won't work any downloaded programs, sadly...