2011-01-17 14:46:19 by Lomps

People have been playing it lately, and I want to know what all the fuss is about, and if it's worth playing =U
I keep hearing it's scary.

Art FLood! Woo!

2010-11-23 14:35:26 by Lomps

It's a shame that I can upload only 10 a day =U
But I can see how that would prevent spamming of the art portal.

Hey, NG

2010-08-24 22:53:45 by Lomps

You remind me of the babe

Despite All My Talk of Tits

2010-08-20 10:09:43 by Lomps

I think boobs are gross and have cooties.

Despite All My Talk of Tits

The closest I can get to a Flash Program

2010-05-09 06:49:54 by Lomps

Due to my laptops, um,
Incompetence... I cannot use any of the animation programs I download =/
So I use Sketchpan and here's the best I got.

Assuming the embed works =O
Sketchpan Flash

Animation Shops

2010-04-28 22:36:51 by Lomps

Does anybody know any good free animation programs I could use or download?


2010-02-26 19:42:25 by Lomps

But why do I love it so much?
Nintendo's pubished, possibly, like....the best games in the history of ever...but they can't bring Mother back to America?

Don't they reaize that they'd probaly make more mone off it now that Brawl brought it a whole new fanbase?
le sigh.
Oh well.

Jolly Good, Old Bean!

2010-02-19 14:14:04 by Lomps

Today, I have lived.
Newgrounds ACTUALLY allowed a picture of mine to be uploaded without telling me they lost it or my internet saying that the page could not be found.
Crack open the wine and pass me a slice of chees, please.

Jolly Good, Old Bean!


2010-02-09 04:22:13 by Lomps

Because Newgrounds doesn't want my drawing pollutng it..buuuuuu ;n;